VERA easy

Vera easy is the new version for Bugatti kettle. In the new domestic landscapes, the original design of VERA Easy offers a refined interpretation of the rituals linked to tea, herbal tea and coffee. The volume combines a cone and an ellipse, giving dynamism and character. The base is a discreet sign, with an effect of elegant compactness. Each detail is designed to facilitate gestures. The lid opens by pressing it lightly and the steel body can be removed and rotated 360° in any position.
Design: Andreas Seegatz – Visual Communication & Art Direction: Stars_milano (2014) Photo: Leo Torri

Vera electronic kettle

Vera. Hi-tech/Hi-touch. Electronic kettle.
Relaxation time, with elegance and technical innovation. Environment Safe + Reduction Heating Time up to 25% + Energy Saving up to 25%. vera4position   Vera comprises a detachable body, and a base that supplies power and feeds the display battery. The 360° connection to the base permits easy use from any position. The lid opens with a light press. A special electronic control allows the kettle to reach the desired water temperature (between 45°C and 100°C), and guarantees consistent and efficient heating for the preparation of every hot drink. The display is integrated into the handle, and shows functions with a simple touch. Functions include a timer that sets kettle operation and can be easily programmed for your coffee or tea break. And thanks to the clock function, it also shows the current time. The intelligent and elegant cone shaped design makes use of the latest technological research in order to achieve a substantial energy saving and the maximum level of thermal efficiency. Its maximum capacity is 1750 ml (59,0 fl oz). The display is also equipped with a protective thermal safety system that prevents the kettle from overheating.
Design: Andreas Seegatz - Visual Communication & Art Direction: Stars_milano (2008-2016) Photography: Leo Torri


Glamour is a new serie of Bugatti: porcellain and colourful tableware products.
  24_wglamouorangepiatto 24_barattoli 24_wbgt-ac-5041 24_wciotoleinsieme1livello 24_wglamdettmpic Design: Andreas Seegatz (2009)