Smart cooking with glass.
A new, unique and exciting way of cooking in glass transparency. Inspired by the transparent ceramic glass windows, that contain a special semiconductor, of a flying Boeing, the intuition to take these revolutionary heating elements into every kitchen. This brought to the birth of Noun, a perfect synthesis of ultra-contemporary design and high-tech performances. Thanks to the exclusive GTH Technology and far-infrared rays (FIR), you can achieve a perfect, healthy and full of flavour cooking. Noun cooks each food at the ideal cooking temperature, preserving nutritional properties and bringing out aromas and flavours. Cooking with Noun is a real show to take to the table to impress your guests: food, in its pure form, appears suspended in space; see it changing during the cooking is exciting.Simple, intuitive and versatile, Noun gives the possibility to cook anything you want: meat, fish, vegetables, bread. And thanks to B Chef, the culinary app for Smartphone and Tablet that supports you during the preparations, Noun will be even easier and Smarter to use; the final product will match that of the great chefs. Noun is a Bugatti’s idea. The first and unique Smart Cooking Appliance, created through patented GTH Technology.
Design: Andreas Seegatz - Visual Communication & Art Direction: Stars_milano (2011-2015) Photography: Leo Torri - Video: Dirk Meister Client: Bugatti
  NOUN is selected  for the First Edition Compasso d´Oro - ADI Intenational Award _Milan, december 2015 NOUN is received teh Award Smart Label - Intenational Fair Host _Milan, december 2015
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