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Outside pavilion Siemens AG

Restricted competition / architecture, furniture design, lighting, graphic design, design of exhibits, implementation

The spacious outdoor pavilion was erected on approx. 1,000 square metres for one of the world’s largest industrial goods trade fairs. It showcases the customer’s corporate design in its architectural realisation.


RELAUNCH. Trade fair design

Relaunch presentation design Spitzke AG

Restricted competition / architecture, furniture design, lighting, graphic design, implementation

This company is one of the top newcomers in its field. The design concept positions the company among the major competitors in the industry. The newly acquired subsidiary “Durtrack” is introduced on the adjacent area using the same design language.

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BRAND. Design

Exhibition stand Siemens AG

Restricted competition / architecture, furniture design, lighting, graphic design

The trade fair pavilion was erected on a floor space of approx. 800 square metres. It showcases the customer’s corporate design in its architectural realisation. The diverse planning requirements were fulfilled using a cluster system, which allowed high flexibility to the entire planning process.

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EMBASSY. Competition

German Embassy in Cotonou

Two-tier competition for general planners

The curtain-wall facade for solar protection is essential for the chancellery’s appearance and climate control concept. The facade is planned as a mixed construction of terracotta panels manufactured locally and fitted into a stainless steel frame. The form and arrangement of the terracotta elements follow the sun’s rays on different sections of the facade.

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Administrative building for the German Federal Parliament

Restricted award procedure / ES-Bau construction planning: building and interior rooms

The listed heritage building designed by the Berlin architect Franz Schwechten is being renovated for use by the German federal government. Particular attention is paid to the maintenance and preservation of the valuable building fabric and the development of the building into a modern and high-quality workplace.



Former Free German Youth school in Wandlitz

Direct award / Contract award counselling, construction planning

The usable area of approx. 45,000 square metres comprises a villa dating back to 1939 with annexes and school buildings built in the post-war years. The school, with its six main buildings, is a model facility for political cadre training. The long-term management of the buildings focused on property development and on maintaining the valuable structures.

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GOETHE. Institute

Goethe Institute and German Embassy in Tallinn

Restricted award procedure / General planning

The Goethe Institute in Tallinn, with its office and seminar rooms, was implemented in the chancellery building of the German Embassy. The downsized and newly set up legal and consular section is perfect for welcoming applicants in a sophisticated atmosphere. As a consequence of the Schengen Agreement, the number of applicants reduced.

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Day-care centre for parliament employees

Services: Construction planning: building and interior rooms

The day-care centre in Berlin-Mitte accommodates for the children of parliament employees working in the area. The main focus of the new rooms is the care of toddlers aged six months to two years, who are looked after in a separate part of the building.

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Headquarters Bombardier

Restoration at Schöneberger Ufer 1

Direct award / Construction planning building, lighting

Office buildings feature significant communicative functions for both employees and customers. The listed building underwent a comprehensive conversion and now houses the group’s headquarters. After carefully modernising the facade, the lighting and the design of the reception area, the 19th century building meets the requirements of the group’s company headquarters.

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Planning a residential area in Berlin

Feasibility study for a residential quarter

Centrally situated and newly-built quarters are essential for Berlin’s development, with townhouses forming the smallest urbanistic building blocks. Owing to their location, some of them are rather exclusive, attempting to combine compact layout designs with upscale interior designs. The design focuses both on the urban planning tasks and the facade design of townhouses in the city centre.

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