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W. E. C. C.

Westhafen Event and Convention Center

Freelance Services Contract Award Procedure / General planning

The former warehouse for general cargo boasts extraordinary facilities. In order to preserve it sustainably, it had to be given new purposes. The fully air-conditioned event unit for up to 1,500 people was implemented in the existing building while respecting the high-quality building fabric.

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IN. GABORONE. Residence

Residence of the German ambassador in Gaborone

Restricted competition / General planning

Botswana is a hot and very dry country. The residence was planned in consideration of the existing tree population that even predated the first development. The building employs structural measures for shading, ventilation and cooling. It’s equipped with a photovoltaic system, which significantly supports the air conditioning system for both cooling and heating.

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Warehouse 1 for BEHALA

Restricted architectural competition / General planning

The conversion of the warehouse to an office building for Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhausgesellschaft mbH ensures the adequate and sustainable use of the heritage building. The project showcases the historical building’s design and functional potential.

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EMBASSY. Communicative centre

Competition German Embassy in Rabat

Contract award procedure for general planners

The two-story building, housing both the residence and the chancellery, is developed as a communicative core around a central courtyard. The courtyard connects the adjacent representation and conference areas, while exceptionally expanding the spatial potential. The ventilated facade draws on traditional construction forms and converts them to a “passive technical” solution for current technology, security and design requirements.

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IGC Department

German Embassy in Bern

Restricted award procedure / General planning

Approx. 350,000 German nationals live in Switzerland. Among other things, the IGC department of the Bern Embassy assumes the function of a citizen’s office for the „expats“, meaning that the building is highly frequented.The upscale two-story visitor’s area opens up to the valuable tree population in the old garden via a six-metre window.

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RELAUNCH. Chancellery

German Embassy in Riga

Restricted award procedure / General planning

The building is located in Riga’s most prominent square. In the course of the restoration, the facade will also be overhauled. For Wilhelminian buildings in Riga, design elements were often given priority over building physics requirements for the facade. The restoration will strike a balance between the two.

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Compound. DRC

German embassy in Kinshasa

Services Contract Award Procedure / General planning

The German Embassy in Kinshasa with its chancellery, residence and reception building is located in a spacious compound directly on the bank of the river Congo. The comprehensive restoration and expansion ensures that the building meets the new requirements in terms of security, internal design and residential quality.

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AGORA. Gelsenkirchen

Competition Gelsenkirchen Judiciary Centre

Two-tier architectural competition / Acquisition with special mention of the jury

The expansion of the adjacent city square into the building forms the centre of the judicial building. The design attempts to follow the example of the Ancient Agora as a symbol of democratic transparency of social and judicial decisions.

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Cars. and order

Underground car park in historical building

Restricted architectural competition / General planning

Each construction project constitutes an opportunity for the property, the customers and the users. The warehouse floor was converted to an underground car park and the arrangement of the parking spaces within the existing piers was optimised to create a unique design on the basement floor.

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